Best Laptops for Remote Work

The first item that you immediately think of whenever you imagine remote work? Of course, a laptop!

Making recordings of your voice making music, editing videos or drawing pictures from structures or even presenting a captivating presentation, nearly all digital tasks can be accomplished with laptops.

But, it’s typically an investment and must be tailored to meet your personal and professional requirements since it’s going to be the base of your work.

In order to help you make an informed decision, we have gathered our knowledge and included it on this list of the top laptops for remote work. It, according to our perspective, it meets the requirements of remote-based work.

If you’re an Apple or Windows Windows or Apple lover, this article covers points and gives a thorough review.

This is a best laptops to use to work remotely 2022-2022.

1. MacBook Pro (Best laptop for working at home)

The first item we’ll examine is the laptop that I use for remote work that can be described as it’s the MacBook Pro.

I’ve found it to be a great all-rounder laptop that’s easy to use (I like playing with iOS OS! ).

MacBooks are the most popular laptops by remote workers around the world. It is the ideal Laptop for remote working.

They’re probably greater than 50% of the laptops I see while working in coworking spaces.

I’m using the 13-inch model of the MacBook Pro. After a recent upgrade to the 2017 model I’m running the basic model for 2020. It comes with it’s 1.4 Quad-core Intel I5 processor and 8GB of RAM, as well as a SSD that has storage of 256GB.

The latest models are more efficiency, meaning that although speeds are 1.4 GHz compared to 3.1 GHz in my earlier version, it could be increased by 3.9 GHz, so it performs better.

As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, I have the model with 13 inches that is the perfect blend of accessibility and usability.

The touch bar is available on MacBook Pro models since 2016 and adds an additional feature that adds convenience.

Though I’ve encountered some scratches and scrapes but, the MacBook Pro is still my most used computer for work remotely. It’s sturdy, gorgeous to use and is able to do whatever I’m requiring to. It’s worth the investment in the event that your budget permits.


  • Rapid performance
  • seamless and effortless use
  • the capability to type on the keyboard
  • Trackpad, trackbar, and touch bar
  • stunning, high-resolution display


  • The base version (which I’m currently using) has only two ports for thunderbolt that aren’t as extensive as well as no SD slot.
  • Apple MacBooks can be on the expensive side of the spectrum, however, there are MacBooks with identical specifications, but for less.

2. MacBook Air (Best laptop for working from home)

MacBook Air is Apple’s lighter and budget-friendly laptop compared to its predecessor MacBook Pro. MacBook Pro.

It comes with many of the features that the MacBook Pro has, such as Apple’s iOS operating system. It’s the perfect laptop for remote working.

The most current version has finally got Apple’s amazing Retina Display.

Although it’s not as sturdy than MacBook Pro, Apple’s MacBook Pro, it has greater battery endurance and could be easier to transport around, making it a great choice if you don’t require it for tasks that require a lot of effort.

The most recent version of the MacBook Air released in November 2020 is equipped with the all-new Apple M1 chip processor, equipped with an eight-core CPU, and either 7or 8-core graphics according to the model you pick. It also has WiFi 6.

The announcement was a little too late for me, considering that I just purchased the latest MacBook Pro, but it could have provided me with ample time to consider it!

MacBook Air is a great all-rounder with the ability to pack lots of power into the entry-level model with a low price.


  • The battery is long-lasting and the processor has good performance. Lightweight, sleek and the most affordable Apple notebook


  • Similar to MacBook Pro, you can buy similar specifications Windows laptops at a lower cost

3. Microsoft Surface Book 3 (Best laptop for working at home)

After listening to some comments after hearing some feedback, we have added to our Microsoft Surface Book 3 to our list of recommended products due to the high demand.

We’d never heard of this device before, but after testing it, we can discern why it’s so sought-after.

Surface Book was on top of Lisa’s laptop wish list. But she decided to pick the next option that we had on the list was the one comes from the HP Envy due to the price.

It’s an excellent choice. If you’re ready to spend the money to purchase a top-quality gadget and you want to make an impact then Surface Book Surface Book is a fine choice to buy it.

This model weighs about 1.5kg in terms of weight, but we’re not going discount it for that.

It’s a step up from earlier models. Its advantages include an elegant and stunning laptop with a stunning display that can be detached, which means it can double in the role of an iPad.

It’s a dream come true for people working within the fields. It’s one of the top laptops to use to work remotely.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is an excellent alternative to the Surface touch series.

It’s more affordable lightweight, and it’s able to complete the task. This is the ideal solution.

the best laptop to calling center work at home.


  • Screens that can be removed
  • Incredible battery life
  • Top processor performance
  • touchscreen


  • pricey design
  • It could become outdated much sooner than the MacBook

4. HP EnvyX360 (Best Work-from-home laptop)

Lisa bought her HP Envy X360 back in the year of 2018. It has been performing as was expected and has proved to be durable, reliable and easy to transport on our travels.

The reason she decided to purchase it was after she first was looking at it. She was in search of an affordable alternative to Microsoft Surface Pro or HP Spectre 360 but it proved to be a great option for its own.

The HP Envy X360 is a 2-in-1 laptop that is equipped with top graphics and a powerful processor that is virtually unbeatable for its cost.

The capability to convert it to another format can be utilized out in the field. We’ve used it for over three years and would not think of purchasing another version of the HP Spectre x360, as there’s no difference in what it can do.

Lisa is an 13-inch version of the HP Envy X360. The HP Laptop is one of the ideal computer for working remotely.

The MacBook Pro is heavier. MacBook Pro and has a thinner and more elegant look.

I’m not an enthusiastic user of the design of the keyboard however, others have tried to differ, and it could be a matter of the individual’s preferences!

I don’t think I’d be too harsh in this respect. It’s the perfect laptop to work from home 2021.


  • outstanding processing performance
  • touchscreen pen with pen
  • A great value for the cost


  • Cooling fan noise is rather loud.

5. Dell XPS 13 (Good laptops for home-based work)

Its Dell XPS 13 is most likely to be the top MacBook choice that’s appropriate for Windows users.

Its sleek and minimalist designs is similar to Apple’s top-ofthe-line models.

It’s lighter, and as powerful and is priced at less than half as much.

Is Dell XPS 13 also come with different options for performance including Intel Core i3 to Intel Core i7 and 4GB to 16GB RAM?

This offers the user an array of choices to choose from for an affordable. This is the ideal budget laptop for home-based work.

One of the disadvantages with this Dell XPS 13 is that its appealing design is hampered due to the absence of ports. This means you’ll need to purchase adapters to connect the devices you need.

It’s not a huge problem, but.

If I choose to depart from Apple to get my next laptop, which is remotely, this could be the situation.


  • extremely light touchscreen
  • touch screen
  • High-quality Infinity display


  • The port options are limited.

6. ASUS Zenbook 13. (Best laptop to work at home in 2022)

Its ASUS Zenbook 13 is the most affordable laptop that we’ve reviewed in this article.

It’s an excellent bargain if you don’t want to splash out on the most extravagant MacBook, HP Envy or Dell XPS.

We’ve had the privilege to use ASUS laptops quite a few times and always have been impressed by their reliability. This laptop is exactly the same.

The processing capabilities of this ASUS Zenbook 13 are more than enough to handle multitasking between different tasks that are typical.

It’s the lightest laptop we’ve tested, which makes it ideal for trips to work or moving around working. It’s the perfect Laptop for work from home.

In terms of connectivity, the device offers a range of options for connectivity, such as USB 2.0 as well as 3.0 ports and the HDMI port, as well as an audio jack. However there aren’t any Thunderbolt ports.

Its ASUS Zenbook 13 is a excellent laptop that will meet all the requirements for remote work, especially when you need to change the environment of your workplace frequently.

The battery’s lifespan is amazing. It’s light and compact and performs its task.


  • Super light
  • Robust
  • Reliable
  • A solid performance
  • long-lasting battery


  • The layout of the keyboard is somewhat congested
  • The display’s quality isn’t at all the greatest